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   the quarantine

Why and how should I use a quarantine?

   garlic and gramms

Can garlic and probiotics be used together? I thought garlic was a natural antibiotic and would kill the probiotic bacteria.


   selenium and doxycycline

Our soils here are low in selenium so I got some sodium selenite from my local vet. The strength is elemental selenium 1mg per 1ml. My vet worked out a maintenance dose of 1ml per 1 litre of water, once per week. Can you confirm that this dose is Ok for ongoing use?


06. 10. 2012.
May I give zeolite to my pigeons? What is it exactly? What effect does it have on the pigeons?

   bacterial culturing - at home?

25. 06. 2012.
I think that bacterial cultures are a very effective method. Can I do such a thing at home? Or does it require very expensive instruments?


   probiotics – what often?

18. 04. 2012.
I'm wondering if flooding or disturbing the natural gut and intestinal environment with probiotics on a regular basis isn't doing as much harm to the birds just like giving them regular antibiotics?

   apple cider vinegar

15. 04. 2012.
What is your opinion about organic acids? One of my friend uses them, first of all apple cider vinegar, every week. Is he right?


16. 12. 2011.
My young birds consuming a lot of water. The crops would be filled with water and air, very puffy. The droppings would be like water. Birds seem very dehydrated.



09. 12. 2011.
Do you suggest vaccination against paratyphoid?


02. 12. 2011.
Is selenium deficiency a rare problem?

   bacteria - friends or enemies?

01. 12. 2011.
About bacteria in general

Bacteria are single-cell creatures that are invisible to the naked eye. Their size varies from 0.1 to 10 microns (1 millimetre = 1,000 microns). Their structure varies from the simple to the complicated – for example, some do not even have a cell wall. For our purposes, we distinguish beneficial and pathogenic bacteria, though this classification is arbitrary and not necessarily precise. For example, some types of bacteria are largely beneficial or neutral for pigeons, but in certain conditions can still become pathogens.

   Paddy rice (unhusked rice)

26. 02. 2008.
Paddy rice (unhusked rice) is freely available here in Sri Lanka and the birds seem to like it, but I don't use it often.


   by mouth or injection?

How is it better to give drugs, by mouth or with injection?


   no eggs

01. 23. 2008.
I have a fairly "young" hen, a 2001 bred hen that has been bred for only 2 years.


   probiotics every day?

16. 01. 2008.
You say to give probotics 1 - 2 a week, but Star labs my supplier of Primalac says to give it every day, which dosage is correct?


   three questions

10. 01. 2008.
Three questions from Sri Lanka


   drugs for marathon racers

05. 01. 2008.
Will you please help me in finding such medicine which helps me to do well in marathon races? Since the champion fanciers here wont disclose what they are giving to their birds during races.


   stress - good or bad?

10. 12. 2007.
What is stress and what is its effect on our pigeons?


   medicines for chickens

29. 11. 2007.
Here in Chennai – India we are not getting any Vitamins/Medicine/Vaccination for pigeon all we are using his poultry stuff. Could you just advice which poultry medicine can be used to pets like pigeon? (We are having about 7 to 8 pigeon racing club and we race from 200 to 1200 kilometers (Air root) measured.)


   medication - vaccination

Dr. Botond Siklodi, my friend and colleague, editor of my first pigeon book, had written a long, detailed and very useful article about medication and vaccination.


22. 11. 2007.
How is it better to use medicines - by injection or by mouth?

   storage of medicines

12. 11. 2007.
I use a lot of medicines. How should I store them, so they do not deteriorate?

   garlic and probiotic

02. 11. 2007.
Can garlic and probiotics be used together? I thought garlic was a natural antibiotic and would kill the probiotic bacteria.

   paramyxovirus vaccine

10. 10. 2007.
Why is our recommended dosage of PMV vaccine so high? Why does the dosage given to a pigeon far outweigh the dosage given to turkeys?


From time to time we will publish interesting cases from our everyday practice experience.

   Egg retention

WARNING! This article — and its photographs — is about the autopsy of a pigeon. If you have concerns about reading such text and viewing such images, please do not read this article.


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